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Tile Retailers

 Database & Mailing List - UK 2010

Available Now Exclusively from MTW Research





2019 Tile Retailers & Tiling Contractors

Mailing List with Emails

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Database and emails for tile stores and tile retailers in UK who sell dog toys, groomingm, tile care products and mailign and telemarketing list for tile retailers and tile accessory market products and research report.

MTW Research have published a brand new, multi-use database & mailing list for 2010 of UK specialist independent and multiple tile stores and tile retailers.  Updated in September 2010 and accounting for more than 80% of the UK specialist tile retail market in 2010, the 'ultimate pack' option also includes emails for more than 150 tile stores and tile retailers active in selling in the tile accessories market and other tile products in late 2010.  

This brand new database and email list offers fresh, relevant sales leads of key companies actively involved in the distribution and retail of tiles, tile adhesive, grout & accessories and represents excellent value for money. 


The Tile Retailers Database - UK 2010 is available exclusively from MTW Research - a result of our ongoing research into the UK Ceramic Tile market and subsequent market report published in late 2010.  The database includes full address details for 1,300 leading tile retail stores, 1,100 telephone numbers and the option to purchase more than 150 email addresses - providing a comprehensive marketing solution for companies seeking to increase sales to this sector quickly and effectively. 


MTW's housebuilders & property developers database also includes 900 contact names, enabling you to target specific named decision makers in each company, resulting in a much more effective marketing campaign.  Fully screened against relevant preference services and wholly data compliant, the database is also supplied with no limitations on how often you can use the data - ie. list purchase, not rental. 


The 2010 Database Includes:-

  • 1,300+ Tile Retailers & Tile Stores   estimated at more than 80% of the specialist UK tile retail market

  • 1,300+ Full Address & Postcodes We only include sites which indicate they have autonomous decision making for more effective targeting

  • 900+ Contact Names - senior decision maker / head of purchasing

  • 1,100+ Telephone NumbersTPS screened

  • 1,000+ Entries with Employee Band Estimate e.g 20-49, 50-100 employees etc

  • 150+ Email Addresses supplied as part of the ‘Ultimate Pack’ only

Key Database Features:-

  • Supplied in MS Excel or MS Access for ease of use - full data compliance

  • Screened against Telephone / Mailing Preference Services

  • Multi-Use – no limitations on how often the data can be used - list purchase, not rental

  • Target potential clients by mail, telephone & email – increased response rates

  • Maximise your budget by targeting Decision Making Autonomous Sites Only

  • Relevant sales leads from a report publisher, not a list broker

database and email list of tile retailers and tile outlets in the UK for telemarketing lists and mailing list of the UK ceramic tiles market research report 2010

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Click to Download a printable mailer of this database in pdf format

free sample of UK tile accessories market research report mailing list and database of tile stores with emails

Prices for this Multi-Use Database are as follows:-

Standard Format Options

Benefits of Option

List Price

Special Offer

MS Excel by E-mail (sent same day, Emails not Included)

Easy to manage format, and easily used in mail merge etc. Download the sample for example of this format. Ideal for basic telesales & mailing activity.

£350 (+VAT) £280 (+ VAT)
MS Access by E-mail (Sent same day, Emails not included)

Enables faster and more complex manipulation of the data.  Create Additional Tables with Separate Contact Data, Dates Mailed etc. 

£350 (+VAT) £280 (+ VAT)

Ultimate Pack the full package, includes…

Supplied in MS Excel & Access by Email

Includes 150+ Emails (multi-use)

Supplied on CD-ROM sent 1st Class Post


Includes both Access & Excel formats for fast dissemination & greater ease of use, PLUS supplied on CD-Rom, with no limitations on usage type or frequency

£395 (+VAT) £295 (+ VAT)

 Click to Order your database, email list and mailing list from MTW Research

Click to Download a printable mailer of this database in pdf format

free sample of UK tile accessories market research report mailing list and database of tile stores with emails

The UK Tile Products & Tile Accessories Market is defined as consisting of the sale of new products designed for use by UK consumers with domestic animals who are primarily regarded as Tiles. Specifically, this report reviews the total UK Tile products market and further examines Tile accessories sales between 2004 and 2010 with forecasts to 2014 segmented by each of the main sectors below:-
• Tile Toys – dog, cat, small animal, fish, reptile etc
• Tile Housing & Bedding – cages, tanks, aquariums, bedding etc
• Grooming, Health & Well-Being – vitamins, treatments, grooming etc
• Collars & Leads – harnesses, restraints, ID tags etc
• Feeding Accessories – Tile bowls, feeding utensils, water bottles, dishes etc
• Miscellaneous Tile Products – e.g. catflaps, clothing, letterbox cages etc
The report also provides top line market size & product mix in 2010 for the key sectors within the overall UK Tile products industry, including:-
• Tile Food
• Tile Accessories (as above)
• Kennelling / Tile Holidays
• Vets / Insurance
• Other Tile Expenditure
All prices in this report are measured at retail selling prices excluding any value added tax, other taxes and delivery charges. Products designed for use with farm animals, horses and other livestock are specifically excluded from this report.

The methodology for this report is based on the last 4 years of financial data from the industry coupled with a wide range of secondary sources including companies involved in the industry, websites, Companies House, HM Government, trade journals, credit reference agencies, industry commentators and our own experience of researching this market for more than a decade.

The total UK Tile products market is estimated to have grown from a value of around £3.63 billion in 2004 to £4.41 billion by year end December 2010, reflecting growth of some 21% over a 6 year period. Whilst Tile ownership has more recently levelled out in the UK, healthy value performance is likely to continue as manufacturers and distributors continue to add value through a range of differentiation strategies & tactics.


A new report on the UK Tile accessories market from MTW Research forecasts increasingly buoyant growth for sales of Tile accessories in 2011, buoyed by reptiles, Tile care and stronger growth for higher value products.
Average spending rose to almost £550 per household on Tile products in 2010 according to the new report, with consumer expenditure on Tile accessories such as leads, Tile care, grooming and Tile toys exceeding £12 million per week for the first time. The increasing perception of Tiles as ‘family members’ coupled with product and market development resulted in the market maintaining current price growth throughout the recession, despite declining Tile ownership levels. The report goes on to review many of the key market influences which are likely to drive the market forward in 2011 and beyond, with a wide range of factors identified including consumers’ changing perceptions of ‘luxury’ and ‘commodity’.
However, whilst factors such as the growth of in-store services and rise in import activity by the larger multiple Tile retailers have boosted the lower value Tile accessories market of late, MTW also point to an increasing ‘squeeze’ on manufacturer margins and declining ability of smaller Tile stores to comTilee on price and increasingly, service levels. The report identifies this as a key theme of the Tile accessories market at present, with buoyant sales growth through the Tile multiples not necessarily being illustrative of the entire market. The report’s editor, Mark Waddy suggests that, “Many smaller UK independent manufacturers and retailers are suffering as a result of the growth in own label import activity, with a step change in market positioning needed to combat this growing threat.”
The 130 page report highlights a growing polarisation in Tile accessories retail at present, with independent Tile stores seeking to avoid price comTileition by creating differentiation through improved service levels and higher value product portfolios. This trend is likely to become more evident in the longer term as low margins focus the larger retailers on increasing import activity to improve profitability whilst UK manufacturers and smaller retailers re-position at a higher value market position.
This trend toward a higher value Tile products market is likely to increasingly complement consumer demand in the future according to MTW, as Tile owners are continuing to increase their average ‘spend per Tile’. The report identifies many new opportunities brought about as a result of this trend, including Tile ‘holidays’ increasingly favoured over ‘kennelling’ and the growth in preventative health-care such as Tile vitamins and pro-biotics for example.
Whilst there is much optimism in the report, MTW also point to a cluster of retailers who are increasingly experiencing the pressure of comTileitive pricing, with the research finding that 9% of Tile stores are currently at risk of ‘immediate failure’, reflecting some 180-200 individual companies at present. Pricing pressure in the industry is likely to be exacerbated by the rising level of import activity by the larger DIY & Tile multiples with this issue identified in the report as a key threat to rapid market growth in the medium to longer term in the lower value sector of the Tile product industry.