Electrical Wholesalers Emails and Mailing List Directory of independent electrical wholesalers market 2016

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Electrical Wholesalers Emails & Mailing List - UK 2016

Available Now Exclusively from MTW Research



Electrical Wholesalers emails list and database 2016 with directory of wholesalers and mailing list from MTW Research providing market reserach and compeitor analysis databases and mailing lists for the UK bathroom market, DIY market construction industry, retail sector and manufacturing marketElectrical Wholesalers Emails & Mailing List 2016:-


The 2016 Electrical Wholesalers Email and Mailing List has now been updated and is available exclusively from MTW Research.  This database includes Emails, Contacts, Telemarketing and Mailing Address records for more than 80% of the UK Electrical Wholesale market in 2016. 


The list also includes employee band and turnover band indicators to facilitate more effective, targeted marketing and ensure you can focus your marketing budget. 


The 2016 Electrical Wholesalers Database Enables a 3 Step Marketing Approach:-

  • Step 1 - 400+ Emails - Minimise Your Initial Marketing Spend & Get Immediate Sales

  • Step 2 - 1800+ Mailing Records - Send Detailed Information on Your Product to 80% of the Market

  • Step 3 - 1700+ Telephone Records - Follow Up on Emails & Mailers to Maximise Sales

The 2016 electrical wholesalers database includes the option to use emails to dramatically reduce your initial marketing spend and use in conjunction with mailing and telemarketing activities to increase response rates and sales leads. 


This targeted and unique list is exclusive to MTW Research and is available to purchase immediately at an introductory 20% discount.


Updated in Q1 2016, the database includes full company name and address for more than 1,800 Electrical Wholesalers (1000 separate companies), representing more than 80% of the UK electrical wholesale market.  With more than 1,800 senior decision maker / head of purchasing contact names and 400 emails the list provides instant, quality sales leads for manufacturers & distributors to target, and represents excellent value for money as there are no limitations on usage.


The 2016 Electrical Wholesale Email & Mailing Database Includes:-

  • 1,800+ Electrical Wholesalers  – estimated at more than 80% of the UK market value (1000 separate companies)

  • 1,800+ Full Address & Postcodes

  • 1,800+ Contact Names - senior decision maker / head of purchasing

  • 1,700+ Telephone Numbers

  • 400 Email Addresses – supplied as part of the ‘Ultimate Pack’ only

  • 1,600+ Entries with Employee Band Estimate– e.g 20-49, 50-100 employees etc

  • 1,600+ Entries with Turnover Band Estimate

Key Database Features:-

  • Supplied in MS Excel or MS Access for ease of use - full data compliance

  • Screened against Telephone / Mailing Preference Services

  • Multi-Use – no limitations on how often the data can be used

  • Target potential customers by mail, telephone & email – increased response rates

  • Maximise your budget by targeting head offices & single sites with purchasing autonomy

  • Relevant sales leads from a report publisher, not a list broker

With full data compliance & no limitations on usage, this high quality database offers excellent value for money for all electrical product suppliers who are seeking to increase sales through this channel as well as suppliers of lighting, controls, cables, HVAC, circuit protection, tools and many other products distributed through UK electrical wholesalers.


Trading conditions for independent electrical wholesalers continue to improve in 2016, though smaller independents wholesalers' profitability remains under pressure.  This mailing, telemarketing & email list reflects the substantial changes in the market in the last few years. Published in Q1, 2016, the listing enables UK manufacturers and distributors to specifically target autonomous Electrical Wholesalers active in the UK market & grow sales quickly and cost effectively.

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Click to Download a printable mailer of this database in pdf format

download a free sample of the electrical wholesale database and mailing list and telemarketing information

UK Electrical Wholesalers 2016 emails and directory database directory and mailing, telemarketing list with emails

Prices for the Electrical Wholesalers Email Database are as follows:-

Standard Format Options

Benefits of Option

List Price

Special Offer

MS Excel by E-mail (sent same day, Emails not Included)

Easy to manage format, and easily used in mail merge etc. Download the sample for example of this format. Ideal for basic telesales & mailing activity.

350 (+VAT) 280 (+ VAT)
MS Access by E-mail (Sent same day, Emails not included)

Enables faster and more complex manipulation of the data.  Create Additional Tables with Separate Contact Data, Dates Mailed etc. 

350 (+VAT) 280 (+ VAT)

Ultimate Pack the full package, includes all of the above…

Supplied in MS Excel & Access by Email

Includes 1700+ Emails (multi-use)

Supplied on CD-ROM sent 1st Class Post


Includes both Access & Excel formats for fast dissemination & greater ease of use, PLUS supplied on CD-Rom, with no limitations on usage type or frequency

395 (+VAT) 295 (+ VAT)

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Click to Download a printable mailer of this database in pdf format

download a free sample of the electrical wholesale database and mailing list and telemarketing information