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Consulting Engineers Database & Email List - UK 2014

Available Now Exclusively from MTW Research

Consulting & Building Engineers database and mailing list from MTW Research providing market reserach and compeitor analysis databases and mailing lists for the UK bathroom market, DIY market construction industry, retail sector and manufacturing market

MTW Research have published a brand new, multi-use database & email list for 2014 of UK Consulting Engineers, enabling building product and service suppliers to grow sales quickly to key specifiers and purchasers of a wide range of building, lighting, HVAC, electronic & access control products and process systems and services amongst others.  


The database now includes the option to use emails to dramatically reduce your marketing spend and use in conjunction with mailing and telemarketing activities to increase response rates and sales leads.  The list is exclusive to MTW Research and is available to purchase immediately at a 20% discount. 


Updated in Q3 2014 the database includes full company name and address for more than 1250 Consulting & Building Engineers representing a substantial proportion of the UK market.  With more than 1250 senior decision maker / head of purchasing contact names and the option to buy more than 90 email addresses, the list provides instant, quality sales leads for manufacturers, contractors & distributors to target representing excellent value for money.


Consulting & Building Engineers database and mailing list for directory, listing emails and addresses of builders in the UK


Printable mailer for the Consulting engineers database and email address


The 2014 Database Includes:-

  • 1250+ Consulting & Building Engineers  – estimated at more than 80% of the UK market

  • 1250+ Full Address & Postcodes – single sites & head offices for more effective targeting, MPS screened

  • 1250+ Contact Names - senior decision maker / head of purchasing

  • 1250+ Telephone Numbers – TPS screened

  • 1250+ Employee Band Estimate 1-10, 11-20 etc

  • 90+ Email Addresses – supplied as part of the ‘Ultimate Pack’ only

Key Database Features:-

  • Supplied in MS Excel or MS Access for ease of use - full data compliance

  • Screened against Telephone / Mailing Preference Services

  • Multi-Use – no limitations on how often the data can be used

  • Target potential clients by mail, telephone & email – increased response rates

  • Maximise your budget by targeting head offices & single sites

  • Relevant sales leads from a report publisher, not a list broker

Consulting & Building Engineers database and mailing list for directory, listing emails and addresses of builders in the UK

Click to Order your database from MTW Research

Printable mailer for the Consulting engineers database and email address

Prices for this Multi-Use Database are as follows:-

Standard Format Options

Benefits of Option

List Price

Special Offer

MS Excel by E-mail (sent same day, Emails not Included)

Easy to manage format, and easily used in mail merge etc. Download the sample for example of this format. Ideal for basic telesales & mailing activity.

350 (+VAT) 280 (+ VAT)
MS Access by E-mail (Sent same day, Emails not included)

Enables faster and more complex manipulation of the data.  Create Additional Tables with Separate Contact Data, Dates Mailed etc. 

350 (+VAT) 280 (+ VAT)

Ultimate Pack the full package, includes…

Supplied in MS Excel & Access by Email

Includes 90+ Emails (multi-use)

Supplied on CD-ROM sent 1st Class Post


Includes both Access & Excel formats for fast dissemination & greater ease of use, PLUS supplied on CD-Rom, with no limitations on usage type or frequency

395 (+VAT) 295 (+ VAT)

 Click to Order your database from MTW Research

Consulting & Building Engineers database and mailing list for directory, listing emails and addresses of builders in the UK

Printable mailer for the Consulting engineers database and email address


100 Nine Design Ltd, 1Tegrity, 2gh Water, 3 D Engineering Design Ltd, 3 E Consulting Engineers, 3 E Consulting Engineers Ltd, 3d Evolution Ltd, 4 Maintenance Engineering Ltd, A & F Consulting LLP, A C Environmental Refrigeration Ltd, A C Power Solutions, A D Engineering Consultancy, A E C Technology, A F Cruden Associates, A F Cruden Associates, A F P Consult, A J McLaren Associates, A K S Ward, A K T Consulting Engineers Ltd, A M A, A M S Forensics, A N C Consultants, A P A Design Consultants Ltd, A R M Engineering Ltd, A Thompson Consulting Ltd, A V Technology Ltd, A W A Consultants, Abbacas Consulting Ltd, Abbeydale Consultancy Ltd, Abbott & Lomax, Abbott Risk Consulting Ltd, Ableguard Engineering, Accutest a Division of Trimble, ACE, Acorn Assessors Ltd, Acorn Technical Holdings Ltd, Acrefine Engineering Services Ltd, Active Engineering, Acts Partnership, Adams Conceptual Design Company Ltd, Adams Engineering Consultants Ltd, Add Latent Ltd, Adrian Laycock Ltd, Advanced Computational Analysis, Aegir Engineering & Consultancy Services Ltd, Aerotech Inspection & N D T, Air Conditioning Design Ltd, Aird Group, Alan Barr & Associates, Alan Baxter, Alan Lipton Associates, Alan White Design Ltd, Alfred Widmer & Co, Algotronix Ltd, Aliathon Technology, Alken Engineering, Allan B English, Alliance Consulting Engineers, Altair, Altair Engineering, Altrech Ltd, Ambience Engineering, Amblin Partnership Ltd, Amec Global Renewables, Amec Global Renewables, Amey Construction, Amska Mardin Ltd, Anaesthesia Technology Ltd, Analytical Engineering Ltd, Analytical Engineering Services, Anders Associates, Andrew Gough Development Consultants, Andrew Palmer & Associates, Andrew Reid & Partners, Andrew Waring Associates Ltd, Anglia N D T Ltd, Anthony Fisher Associates, Apax Computers Ltd, Applied Engineering Solutions Ltd, Apply Altra, Aquaterra Energy Ltd, Ardent Consulting Engineers Ltd, Armstrong Stokes & Clayton, Arthur Watt Building Engineer Ltd, Ascott Clark, Ash & Co, Ashdale Engineering Ltd, Asken Associates, Aspin International, Associated Structural Design, Assystem, Ateb Consult Ltd, Atelier Ten, Athelstan Associates Ltd, Atkins, Atkins, Atkins Martin Associates Ltd, Atkins Plc, Augmentias, Austin Trueman Associates, Automotive Design Partnership, Aux Engineering Company Ltd, Avanteq, Avus Consulting Ltd, Axiom Engineering Associates Ltd, Axis M & E Consulting Engineers Ltd, Axis Well Technology, B 3 Building Services, B B Consulting Engineers Ltd, B B H Partnership, B B P - Building Services Ltd, B C A, B C D Partnership Ltd, B D K Associates Ltd, B E S Design, B G Research Ltd, B J A Refrigeration Consulting Engineers, B J P Consulting Group Ltd, B Jack, B K Design Associates, B L R Associates, B P P Technical Services, B R Knight, B R P Consulting, B S C P Ltd, B S E 3 D Ltd, B S E C Design, B S P Associates Ltd, B S P Consulting, B W B Consulting Ltd, Bailey Johnson Hayes Ltd, Balcomm Ltd, Balfour Beatty, Balfour Engineering Consultancy, 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Ltd, Brian W Murray Ltd, Bridgemount Ltd, Bridges N D T, Brinkfell Partnership, Brinson Staniland Partnership, Bruce Cufley & Partners Ltd, Bryan G Hall Ltd, Bryerny Building Physics Ltd, Bse3d Ltd, Buchanan Laird Ltd, Building Design Consult Ltd, Building Management Technology Ltd, Building Services Solutions Ltd, Bullock Consulting, Burgess Roughton, Burgoynes, Burgoynes, Burke Morrison, Burnage Associates Ltd, Buro Happold, Buro Happold, Buro Happold Engineers Ltd, Buxton Associates, C A D 21, C D Gray & Associates, C D Gray & Associates Ltd, C E Marking Association, C G C Technology, C G G, C H 2 M Hill, C H 2 M Hill, C H 2 M Hill, C J S Engineering, C K 21, C M Actuation Ltd, C O T S Ltd, C R A Ltd, C S L, Cable Consulting International Ltd, Cad 21 Ltd, Cadogan Consultants, Cadogan Consultants, Cadogan Consultants, Cadogan Consultants, Caine Consulting Engineers Ltd, Cairns Smith Partnership, Caldwell Consulting, Caldwell Consulting, Caledonian Geotech Ltd, Caledyne, Cambridge Insitu, Cambustion, Campbell Reith, Campbell Reith, Campbell Reith Consulting Engineers, Cannon Consulting Engineers, Cantab Consulting Kent Ltd, Cardiff Commissioning Ltd, Cares Group Ltd, Carnell Warren Associates, Carr Faulkner Associates, Carter Clack Partnership Ltd, Cass Hayward LLP, Cecil Tang Associates, Ceema, Central Design Consultants, Ch2m Hill Idc (Uk) Ltd, Chamber Engineering, Charles Consultants, Charles D Smith & Associates Ltd, Charles Harris & Partners, Charnock Design, Cheetham Associates Ltd, Chmiel Overton, Choose Design, Cistec, Clancy Consulting, Clancy Consulting, Clarke & Associates Ltd, Clarkebond, Clean Tech Solutions Ltd, Cliand Computers Ltd, Coastal Engineering UK Ltd, Cobalt Energy Ltd, Coffey Geotechnics Ltd, Cogan & Shackleton Consulting Engineers, Colin King Associates, Colman E C S, Compass Energy Consulting Engineers Within Deanwater Hotel, Composite Mast Engineering Technology, Con-serv Ltd, Considere & Partners, Consortium Underwater Engineers, 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