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UK Builders Merchants Market

Rank & Profile Report - UK 2009-2013

Quantitative Research Counts...Take a Fresh Look
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UK Builders market research report for market size and trend information on UK Builders merchants market research report 2009

Answering the need for a comprehensive industry report based on quantitative sales figures, MTW Research have published a brand new “Builders Merchants Market Rank & Profile Report for 2009, providing a strategic market overview & trends, Builders Merchants rankings & sales and company profiles in a unique, easy to use and cost effective publication.  The report is now available to companies supplying to, and operating in the Builders merchants industry.


Based on company sales returns from more than 90% of the UK Builders Merchant industry, this new report, published in September 2009, reviews market performance from 2004 to 2009 providing size, performance and key market trends in recent years, coupled with forecasts to 2013. The report also provides sales estimates for each company, alongside rankings and key performance indicators, providing an insightful and perceptive review of the industry. Comprehensive contact, telephone and mailing details are also provided as part of the ‘ultimate pack’ for more than 220 leading merchants, resulting in a comprehensive & effective sales and marketing tool which also offers excellent value for money.


This report, part of MTW's Rank & Profile report range, provides a review of key industry trends since 2004 with forecasts to 2013, analyses changes in industry structure for the 12 months to September 2009, includes company rankings and company profiles with key financial indicators for the UK Builders Merchants market, providing a comprehensive yet cost effective sales and marketing tool.  The report enables suppliers to quickly identify and target those companies who are still performing well in the increasingly competitive Builders Merchants market. 


This quantitative, primary research report is based on company sales returns for more than 90% of the industry by value and is only available from MTW Research.  As the report is based on quantitative statistics, the report is unique in that MTW are able to quote a confidence level of 99% (+/-3%) for the industry structure review.  Published in September 2009, the report incorporates all the issues relating to the recent economic and new build & RMI slowdown and provides forecasts to 2013 in light of the current market trading conditions and key trends which may support near term growth for the UK Builders Merchants.


This 270+ Page Report Includes:-

  • Builders Merchants Market Sales & Trends 2004-2008, Recession Impact, Key Drivers for Growth in 2009 and 2010

  • Market Sales Forecasts & Key Issues 2009-2013, Economic, RMI Improvement, Growth in Housebuilding, Business Confidence

  • Volume Share by Companies with Growing, Static & Declining Sales in 2009 - With 99% (+/-3%) Confidence Level

  • Industry Mix by Employees, Turnover & Credit Worthiness in 2009

  • Builders Merchants Market Total Profit, Worth, Assets & Borrowing 2004-2013, Key Trends & Issues

  • Sales Estimates for Each Company, enabling market share assessment.

  • Industry Averages – Turnover, Net Worth, Profitability, Liabilities, Assets etc.

  • Builders Merchants Ranked by Turnover, Profit, Assets, Net Worth for 90% of Market by value.

  • Financial Profile for each Builders Retailer, including MTW's easy to reference ‘at a glance’ financial health chart.

  • Full Mailing & Telemarketing Details & Senior Decision Maker Sales Leads for Each Company in Report.

  • 220+ Company Multi-Use Mailing & Telemarketing List as part of the 'Ultimate Pack' - Updated Quarter 3, 2009.

The UK Builders Merchants Market 2004-2013:-

UK Builders market Merchants market research report 2009 from MTW Research for market size and trends on the UK Builders market.

There are now indications that the UK economy is beginning to recover from the recent global financial crisis, with business and consumer confidence slowly returning in a number of key end use sectors. Sources within the builders merchants industry indicate a degree of optimism returning to the market, led by public sector projects, domestic RMI activity and increasingly, the housebuilding sector. Nevertheless, this optimism remains cautious, with a number of remaining downsides in the market cited which are likely to dampen any prospect of rapid value growth in the short term, particularly given the likelihood of a cut in public capital expenditure in the near term.

The builders merchants market has polarised in recent months, as larger merchants seek to protect operating margins whilst others focus on turnover to generate cash flow. Some of the larger nationals have actively sought to reduce their activity on lower margin, volume contracts and focus more on profitability. This has resulted in the smaller regional merchants being more able to compete on price in higher volume contracts and willing to focus on turnover rather than margin, fulfilling the demand left by the national merchants.

This second edition quantitative report (confidence level of 99% +/-3%) is based principally on company sales returns and balance sheets, supported where appropriate by additional primary research from the industry and secondary data and was written by qualified marketing professionals with experience of researching all aspects of the UK Building Products Industry.

 Download a report and mailing list free Sample of the UK Builders Merchants market research report from MTW Research

Click to Order the UK Builders Merchants Market Research report from MTW Research for market size and trends in the UK electrical industry

Key Benefits of the Report include:-

  • Current, Historical & Future Market Performance & Trends 2004-2013

  • Identify and Target New / More Lucrative Clients & Develop Sales Strategies

  • Develop Sales Leads & Focus Your Marketing Quickly & Efficiently

  • Individual Sales & Market Shares for the Builders Merchants

  • Ranking, Performance & Financial Health of the Builders Merchants - Target the Most Profitable Companies

  • Understand Recent, Current & Future Sales & Profitability Trends

This unique report represents a comprehensive yet cost effective tool for understanding the current and future performance of the UK Builders Merchants market. Based on primary financial data from over 90% of the industry by value & written specifically for building product & material manufacturers, suppliers and Builders Merchants, this independent market intelligence report represents an invaluable yet cost effective sales and marketing tool for any company active in, or selling to the UK Builders Merchants Market.


Key Features Of This 270+ Page Report Include:-



Trends in Builders Merchants Market 2004-2013, including

  • Total Market Sales 2004 – 2008, Forecasts to 2013, Recessionary & Consumer Confidence Issues

  • Volume Share by Growing, Declining & Static Sales Companies in 2009

  • Overall Market Share Mix by Employee Numbers, Regional Location & Turnover Size in 2009

  • Market Mix by Credit Worthiness Ratings in 2009

  • Total Profit 2004 – 2013, Inflation & Material Costs Impact

  • Total Assets, Liabilities & Net Worth of Builders Merchants Market 2004-2013

  • Average” Builders Merchants Company Profile 2004-2013 – Turnover & Profit

  • Industry Averages 2004-12 - Assets, Debts, Net Worth, Sales Per Employee


The Builders Merchants…

  • Ranked by Sales Turnover – Sales for every company to determine market share

  • Each Company Ranked by Profit

  • Ranked by Combined Current & Fixed Assets

  • Industry Position by Net Worth Estimates, Number of Employees


1 Page Financial Profile for Builders Merchants, including…

  • Full, Registered Postal Address & Senior Decision Maker / Director Name

  • Company Type (e.g plc, private etc), Brief Description of Activities

  • 4 Years Balance Sheet of Assets, Borrowing & Net Worth

  • 4 Years of Sales per Employee & Profit per Employee (where reported)

  • 4 Years Data for Working Capital (how much is a particular company really spending?)

  • Turnover & Profit Estimates Made Where Accounts Not Reported

  • Number of Employees – estimated where not reported. 

Included as Part of the 'Ultimate Pack' Option:-

  • Bound, Hard Copy of Report - for fast referencing & use in meetings

  • MS Word & PDF Format on CD-Rom - Disseminate the data quickly to your colleagues

  • PDF Format Emailed Directly to Your Desktop

  • Multi-use Mailing List & Financial Spreadsheet on CD-Rom - see below for details

Comprehensive Data Spreadsheet & Multi-Use Mailing List Supplied with 'Ultimate Pack' includes

uk Builders market research report and mailing list for Building products market research for market size and trends analysis information on the UK Builders products market in 2009 with forecasts to 2013


Brief Report Synopsis:-

During mid-late 2008, the housing market and subsequent house moving activity slowed substantially, leading to a growing trend of ‘mothballing’ of housebuilding sites and subsequently postponement or curtailment of larger domestic RMI (repair maintenance & improvement) projects. Further, a rapid and substantial decline in construction activity in key end use markets such as industrial, warehousing and commercial construction negatively impacted demand for building products and materials.


In addition, the growing financial crisis during 2008 and Q1 2009 increasingly degraded consumer confidence; further impacting on big-ticket expenditure, though some sources indicate that bathroom and kitchen refurbishment expenditure remained reasonably resilient to the downturn. As such, the market is expected to have lost some ground during 2008 overall, with the year polarised between reasonable growth in activity in the first quarter and rapid decline in the last 2 quarters of the year.


Following the rapid downturn in new housebuilding, industrial, warehousing and commercial construction activity, sources indicate that the Builders Merchants market has become increasingly dependent on the more stable, albeit fragile, domestic and smaller scale commercial refurbishment sector in 2009, as the impact of the credit crisis in 2008 and subsequent recession severely reduced consumers’ and businesses appetite for large scale RMI projects. Whilst there was some optimism from the market in late 2008 that householders were more likely to ‘improve not move’, with consumer confidence at particularly low ebb at present, sources indicate that large-scale refurbishment has reduced dramatically in recent months. Given current predictions in terms of the overall economic health of the UK, this general negative trend is likely to continue for the remainder of 2009.


The maintaining of the UK Bank of England base rate at 0.5% since March 2009 and the announcement that house prices increased by 0.8% in July and August 2009 is now providing some optimism for the market, with some economic commentators suggesting that the UK is now likely to be technically out of recession. However, how quickly and to what extent the quantitative easing and £175 billion asset purchase tactics employed by the Government will stimulate consumer and business confidence over the coming months remains to be seen. With banks seemingly still reluctant to pass on mortgage rate cuts or increase business lending substantially, the possibility of a ‘double-dip’ in the economy remains a key concern. Nevertheless, given a sustained return to growth in house prices, consumer confidence may experience more positive growth in the coming months rather than experience any further substantial decline, giving rise to improved demand for domestic RMI products.


Sources indicate that since mid 2008, demand has shifted more toward lightside building and home improvement products, as large scale construction projects were postponed and the market became more reliant on the domestic and smaller scale commercial RMI sector. Whilst public sector construction has supported some demand for heavyside materials in recent months, to what extent this sector will continue to support the market is unclear at present, particularly given the likelihood of substantial reductions by the government in public capital expenditure in the next few years.


The report provides a comprehensive review of the Builders merchants market and forecasts industry trends for 2009-2013 as well as ranking the Builders merchants and providing sales estimates enabling market share estimation. In addition, the report also profiles each company’s financial health and illustrating their key financial performance indicators through their ‘at a glance’ charts. The 'ultimate' report package also includes mailing, telephone and contact details for an estimated 90% of the market by value, providing comprehensive industry analysis and a useful sales & marketing tool.

Download a report and mailing list free Sample of the UK Builders Merchants market research report from MTW Research

Click to Order the UK Builders Merchants Market Research report from MTW Research for market size and trends in the UK electrical industry


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