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Garden Furniture Market & Barbecues Market

Research & Analysis - UK 2018-2022

Market Trends Report for the UK Garden Leisure Market 2018

garden furniture market 2018 and barbecues market research report for market size and trends on UK garden products distribution and decking market research for lawnmowers market power tools market and hand tools for garden applications market

MTW Research have published a 200+ page, 1st edition Research & Analysis market report on the UK Garden Furniture & Barbecues Market, providing a fresh insight into new trends in the UK garden furniture and barbecue market including furniture, outdoor cooking appliances, patio heaters and accessories (including fuel).


This brand new, 1st edition market report on the UK Domestic Garden Leisure Market also includes a review of the UK Garden Centres Market and provides a fresh, comprehensive & reliable review of this market in 2018 with future prospects to 2022.  Updated in H2 2018 the report is uniquely based on both qualitative input and quantitative sales data from the UK Garden Furniture & Barbecue market in 2018.


This new report combines the best of qualitative comment and product trends with detailed and more accurate quantitative market data, providing greater confidence in the market sizes provided as well as a deeper understanding of current market and product trends on which to base sound strategic decision making.


The 200+ Page, Garden Furniture & Barbecues Market Report Includes:-

  • Total Garden Products Market Size by Value 2018-2018; Forecasts to 2022

  • Product Mix 2018 (Garden tools, landscaping, decoration, chemicals, garden buildings, horticultural etc)

  • Garden Leisure Market Size 2012-2022 & Mix (Garden Furniture, Barbecues, Accessories, Outdoor Cooking Appliances)

Garden Furniture Market 2012-2022

  • Garden Furniture Market Size 2012-2022

  • Garden Furniture Share by Material 2018

  • Garden Furniture Product Share & Size 2018 for:-

 Table & Chair Sets

 Chairs – e.g. recliners, chair sets, portable chairs, modular units, sofas


 Hammocks & Suspended Seats

 Other – e.g. parasols, umbrellas, bases.

 Wood Garden Furniture

 Plastic / Resin Garden Furniture

 Metal Garden Furniture

 Fabric Garden Furniture

  • Garden Furniture Sales by Month,

  • Consumer Behaviour & Influences on Garden Furniture Purchase

  • Garden Furniture Future Trends & Forecasts

Barbecues Market 2012-2022

  • Outdoor Cooking & Heating Market Size 2018 & Share for:-

Outdoor Cooking Appliances

Accessories (inc Barbecue Fuel)

Solid Fuel Barbecues

Gas Barbecues

Electric Barbecues

Kettle Barbecues

Charcoal Barbecues

Other Barbecues inc ‘Self Build Barbecues’

  • Barbecues Market Size 2012-2022 by Value & Volume

  • Barbecues Share by Fuel 2018 (solid fuel, gas, electric etc)

  • Barbecues Product Share & Size 2018 for Kettle, Gas, Electric, Charcoal

  • BBQ Sales by Month

  • Barbecue Purchasing Trends, Consumer Behaviour

Garden Leisure Market 2012-2022

  • SWOT, PEST & Ansoff Matrix Analysis

  • Mix by Distribution Channel 2018

  • Garden Centres Market Size, Structure & Trends - Current, Historical & Future

  • Top 50  Garden Centre 1 Page Profiles, Turnover & Profit Estimate

  • Top 50 Leading Garden Centre Rankings & Sales Leads with Contact Details

  • 50 Garden Furniture & Barbecue Suppliers 1 Page Profiles, Turnover & Profit Estimate

Our Aim?

Professional Market Research... Professional Market Reports

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Written specifically for garden furniture & barbecue manufacturers, distributors and retailers, the report is available immediately in a range of digital or hard copy formats for ease of dissemination with your colleagues and provides sound market intelligence for use in presentations and management reports at all levels.


This report will enable you to enhance your marketing plans, develop clear market development strategies and offers immediate sales leads.  


Based on sales data from a representative proportion of the garden leisure industry, this report provides market size, product share and distribution channel mix by value over a ten-year period. With more than 200 pages of unique quantitative data and qualitative input from the industry, our reports are more accurate than other qualitative only based reports and offer better value for money.


Written by experienced marketing professionals who have been writing market reports on this industry for more than 20 years, this report provides quality market intelligence by identifying and discussing key market and product trends, product mix, channel shares, opportunities, threats, influences, Ansoff matrix, SWOT & PEST analysis in a comprehensive yet easy to read and digest format. 


Coupled with our price guarantee - we won't be beaten for quality of research or on value for money. 


UK Garden Furniture & Barbecues Market 2018

Garden Furniture and Barbecues Market 20118 from MTW


Quantitative market data based on industry sales from companies with more than £5 billion of turnover in 2018, supported by qualitative discussion of key market trends, product trends and mix, influences and future prospects are provided.  Brand new, 1st edition published in September 2018, this informative & easy to understand report offers a comprehensive review of the garden leisure market, provides key garden centre sales leads and also represents excellent value for money. 


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Also Included:-

  •  Consumer Specification & Purchasing Trends

  •  SWOT & PEST Analysis, Imports & Exports

  •  Distribution Channel Share & Trends 2018

  •  Brexit Analysis, Garden Sizes, Decking / Patio Trends

  •  Top 50 Garden Centres Turnover, Profiles, Rankings & Sales Leads

  •  50+ Furniture & Barbecue Suppliers 3 Years Financials & Overview

Quantitative market financial data supported by qualitative discussion of key trends, product mix, influences and future prospects are provided offering excellent confidence & value for money.

  •  Market Size & Growth Trends

  •  Best Performing Products

  •  Consumer Purchasing Behaviour

  •  Competitor Analysis

  •  Best Performing Retail Channels

  •  Target New & More Lucrative Clients

  •  Sales Leads & Focus your Marketing

  •  Opportunities & Threats

Key Features of The 200+ Page "Garden Furniture & Barbecues Market Report 2018":-



  •  Garden Furniture & Barbecues Market Size by Value 2012-2018:-

  •  Garden Furniture Market Size 2012 – 2018, Forecasts to 2018, Constant & Current Prices

  •  Barbecues Market Size 2012 – 2018, Forecasts to 2018, Value & Volume

  •  Total Garden Products Market Size 2012 – 2022 & Product Mix

  •  Qualitative Comment on Key Market Size Trends & Future Prospects


  •  PEST Analysis –Political, Economic, Environmental, Social & Technological, Brexit Analysis

  •  Consumer Purchasing Trends; Number of UK Gardens, Garden / Deck / Patio Sizes

  •  Ansoff Matrix Analysis – Areas of Growth in Market Over the Next 4 Years

  •  SWOT Analysis – Key Market Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats



Garden Furniture Market

• Table & Chair Sets

• Chairs – e.g. recliners, chair sets, portable chairs, modular units, sofas

• Benches

• Hammocks & Suspended Seats

• Other – e.g. parasols, umbrellas, bases.

• Wood Garden Furniture

• Plastic / Resin Garden Furniture

• Metal Garden Furniture

• Fabric Garden Furniture


Barbecues & Outdoor Cooking / Heating

• Outdoor Cooking Appliances

• Accessories (inc Barbecue Fuel & Patio Heaters)

• Solid Fuel Barbecues

• Gas Barbecues

• Electric Barbecues

• Kettle Barbecues

• Charcoal Barbecues

• Other Barbecues inc ‘Self Build Barbecues’.



  •  DIY Multiples

  •  Garden Centres

  •  High Street / Superstore Retailers

  •  Internet / Mail Order Retailers

  •  Others (Garages, Merchants etc)


Review of Garden Centre Market Structure & Key Company Profiles, including

  •  Garden Centre Market Mix by Growth, Credit, Age, Turnover & Number of Employees

  •  Garden Centre Market Share by UK Geographical Region & Office Type (e.g. branch)

  •  Top 50 Garden Centre Rankings – by Turnover, Profit, Assets, Debt, Worth & Employees

  •  50+ Furniture & BBQ Suppliers 1 Page Profile with 3 Yr ‘At a Glance’ Financials

  •  50+ Garden Centre Profiles – 1 Page Profile with 3 Yr ‘At a Glance’ Financials

  •  Sales Leads– Mailing Address, Telephone & Contact Name for Each Company


  • All Formats of the Report, Spreadsheet & Mailing List, including

  • Financial Indicators Spreadsheet - Leading 50+ Garden Centres - 3 Year Financials

  • Financial Indicators Spreadsheet - 50+ Garden Furniture & Barbecue Suppliers - 3 Year Financials

  • Hard Copy - Report Professionally Lasered on 90gsm paper, Spiral Bound

  • CD-ROM - MS Word & PDF Copies – Cut & Paste to Your Documents

  • PDF Report – Emailed to Your Desktop the Same Day

  • Multi-use Mailing List for All Companies Included in Report

The Ultimate Pack Includes:-

barbecue market and garden furniture trends in 2018


Key Benefits Of This Brand New Report Include:-

  • Current, Historical & Future Market Performance & Trends 2018-2022

  • Product & Channel Shares & Trends – Identify Best Performing Sectors, Which Customers are Growing Demand? Focus Your Marketing, Increase Your Sales

  • Incorporate into your Marketing & Business Plan, Explore Various Strategic Options

  • Develop Sales Leads & Focus Your Marketing

  • Incorporate SWOT & PEST Analysis Into Your Reports Quickly & Provide More Detail to Your Colleagues

  • Price Guarantee - Noticed how other report providers' prices have risen recently? We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality reports at the best price.  Our policy is that the economic climate should not impact on your market knowledge, reduce your ability to develop strategies based on up to date market intelligence or degrade your operational sales activities so if your marketing budget has been cut - call us and we'll guarantee to offer you the best price in the industry.  It really is in our interests for you to succeed in the long term and that's what we focus on.  Found a Similar Report Available at a Cheaper Price? We'll Match It & Offer a Further 20% Discount.

Not all Market Reports are the Same...This Report Includes:-

  • Strategic Market Review - A professional strategic market review was undertaken by marketing professionals with real world marketing experience and degree qualifications in strategic marketing.  This report is not simply a collection of statistics and comments but a structured review of the market, written by marketing professionals, for marketing professionals. 

  • SWOT Analysis - Only after a thorough, strategic market review can industry strengths & weaknesses and market opportunities & threats be identified.  No other 'off the shelf' report for less than £600 offers a comprehensive SWOT analysis in an easy to read and disseminate format. 

  • PEST Analysis - We recognise its the data analysis and interpretation which is important.  Our strategic review enables us to identify the key market influences relating to politico-legal, economic, environmental, social and technological issues and present these in a easy to read chart format. 

  • Ansoff Matrix - Established marketing theories are applied to the market to enhance understanding of the likely strategic options which will generate market growth in the near-medium term.  From the strategic review, growth share forecasts for market development, market penetration, product development & market diversification are provided in easy to understand chart format alongside qualitative discussion and interpretation.

  • Quantitative Market Data - Whilst we'll never claim that our market estimates are 100% accurate, that will always be our aim.  To this end, the foundations of all our reports are based on sales from as representative a sample of the industry as possible.  We have invested heavily in order to ascertain financial sales data from companies involved in the market and ensure our methodologies are as robust as possible. The financial profiles of more than 100 companies are included in this report and our analysis of the market included assessing more than 150 companies with a combined sales turnover of more than £5 billion in 2018 - Be confident in our figures ...we are.

In Order to Provide a Comprehensive Review of the Market, This Report Includes:-


  • Market Size & Key Market Trends 2018-2022 – Value of the market since 2018 is provided with current market size estimates in current prices and constant prices provided based on quantitative sales figures from the industry.    In addition, yearly forecasts of market size and other key financial indicators are also provided to 2022.  Key market trends are also identified and discussed providing the report with both ‘quantitative’ and ‘qualitative’ characteristics.

  • PEST Review & Key Market Influences – A review of the key issues and influences which are impacting market demand at present & in the future are also provided.  These issues range from economic, political, environmental, social and technological and are identified and discussed where appropriate, providing the reader with a greater depth of market intelligence.  A strategic PEST review for this market is also illustrated in chart format for faster reference.

  • Product Mix & Trends – This report identifies the key sectors which comprise the overall market and provide a current & historical share by value.  This data is supported by qualitative comment where appropriate in order to offer more substantive market knowledge.  Forecasts to 2022 are also provided to offer more insightful market intelligence as well as historical product mix in 2018 provided.

  • SWOT Analysis – A strategic SWOT analysis for the market is also provided based on input from primary and secondary sources in the industry.  By identifying key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, this report provides a more solid foundation for basing strategic and operational marketing decisions. 

  • Ansoff Matrix - The strategic market review undertaken by marketing professionals enables us to identify the key strategic areas of likely growth for the market between 2018-2022.  Share by growth for market development, market penetration, diversification and product development are illustrated for the market, enabling the reader to identify the most likely areas of growth in the near-medium term, quickly & easily. 

  • Distribution Channel Mix & Trends – By providing historical, current and forecast shares by channel for this market, the report provides an invaluable illustration of the key sectors that are currently driving demand and likely future prospects.  Qualitative comment on key trends within these sectors based on input from the industry provides a more in-depth review of the market as well as illustrating the most likely future scenarios. Profitability, assets, liabilities and net worth for the garden centres are also illustrated in easy to read, yet stylish charts.


  • Industry Structure – The report includes a detailed and quantitative review of the garden centres in terms of number of companies, share by turnover, mix by employees, sales share by region, share by age of companies, mix by recent sales performance, sales per employee, share by credit rating & mix by location type (e.g head office/branch etc). 

  • Garden Centre Industry Trends 2018 –2022 – Industry totals and averages since 2018 are also provided for turnover, profitability, assets, net worth and liabilities.  These indicators provide vital insight into the current health of the industry and are forecasted to 2022.

  • Garden Centre Profiles – This report provides in-depth intelligence of 50+ relevant and leading garden centres in this market.  Each company is ranked by turnover, profitability, number of employees and other key financial indicators.  Each company also has a 1 page profile identifying contact details, overview of activities, key financials for the last 3 years and an ‘at a glance’ financial health chart.  The report also provides turnover estimates for every company, regardless of size, enabling the reader to easily identify individual market shares.


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Prices for the Garden Furniture & Barbecues Market Research & Analysis report are as follows:-

Standard Format Options

Benefits of Option


Pdf by E-mail (sent same day)

Easy to read format, though copying & pasting is not possible with pdf format.

£595 +VAT
MS Word by E-mail (sent same day)

Easy to read format and enables copying, pasting & faster navigation from contents page to speed your analysis

£645 +VAT

Ultimate Pack (all above + Spreadsheet & Mailing list)

(Supplied by Email & CD-Rom & Report in Laser Printed, Bound Hard Copy)

Includes all the above, PLUS Excel spreadsheet with accompanying Financial & Multi Use Mailing Data for each company, facilitating further research, developing sales leads and more detailed comparisons and analysis. 

£695 +VAT

Additional Options

Benefits of Option

Additional Hard Copy (1st class post)

Professional, Spiral Bound Hard Copy lasered on quality paper for fast, ad-hoc use in meetings etc

Add £50 +VAT
Supplied on CD-Rom (1st class post)

Safe, Secure & Portable format enables easy dissemination amongst colleagues.

Add £50 +VAT

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