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Garden Centres & Nurseries Database

Emails & Mailing List - UK 2022

Available Now Exclusively from MTW Research

Garden Centres Emails and Database 2022 and mailing list for MTW Research providing market reserach and compeitor analysis databases and mailing lists for the UK bathroom market, DIY market construction industry, retail sector and manufacturing market

Brand new for 2022, MTW Research have published a multi-use database, email & mailing list for 2022 of UK Garden Centres and Nurseries representing more than 80% of the UK garden centres market in 2022. 


The database now includes the option to use emails in conjunction with mailing and telephone marketing to dramatically reduce your marketing and increase response rates and sales leads.  The list is exclusive to MTW Research and is available to purchase immediately at an introductory 20% discount for a limited period. 


The database includes full company name and address for more than 1,400 Garden Centres and Nurseries, representing a substantial proportion of the UK garden centre market.  With more than 1,400 senior decision maker / head of purchasing contact names, the list provides instant, quality sales leads for manufacturers & distributors to target, and represents excellent value for money.


The 2022 Database Includes:-

  • 1,400+ Garden Centres  – estimated at more than 80% of the UK market,

  • 1,400+ Full Address & Postcodes single sites & autonomous purchasing sites only for more effective marketing

  • 1,400+ Contact Names - senior decision maker / head of purchasing

  • 1,300+ Telephone Numbers – TPS screened

  • 250+ Email Addresses (supplied as part of the 'Ultimate Pack' Only)

  • 1,400+ Entries with Employee Band Estimate– e.g 20-49, 50-100 employees etc

  • 1,400+ Entries with Turnover Band Estimates

Key Database Features:-

  • Supplied in MS Excel or MS Access for ease of use - full data compliance

  • Screened against Telephone / Mailing Preference Services

  • Multi-Use – no limitations on how often the data can be used

  • Target potential clients by mail, telephone & email – increased response rates

  • Maximise your budget by targeting head offices & single sites

  • Relevant sales leads from a report publisher, not a list broker

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UK garden centres database and email of garden centre with mailing list of garden centres in 2022 coupled with a directory of garden centres

Prices for this Multi-Use Database are as follows:-

Standard Format Options

Benefits of Option

List Price

Special Offer

MS Excel by E-mail (Emails not Included)

Easy to manage format, and easily used in mail merge etc. Ideal for basic telesales & mailing activity.

350 (+VAT) 280 (+ VAT)

Ultimate Pack the full package, includes…

Supplied in MS Excel

Includes 250+ Emails (multi-use) Supplied by Email

Supplied in Excel format for fast dissemination & ease of use within a more sophisticated email campaign combined with telesales and mailing, PLUS - list purchase, not rental.

395 (+VAT) 295 (+ VAT)

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UK garden centres database and email of garden centre with mailing list of garden centres in 2022 coupled with a directory of garden centres

Terms & Conditions of Sale

MTW provide this list to clients with no limitations on type or frequency of usage of the list.  This database has been screened against the TPS / MPS preference service at time of publication in March 2022.  Buyback guarantee offered on mailing address records only above 20% return rate, no guarantee is provided for emails as there are a wide range of technical and other factors which can influence delivery.  Whilst MTW endeavour to attain high levels of accuracy, the information supplied is based on primary telephone research and other sources and may be prone to errors or omissions, MTW accept no liability for such omissions or errors.